What's this all About!?

Welcome to the VideoGames App! I see you found your way to the About section, and it's a good thing you did. This app has a ton to offer and I'll go over what that is with you here. Firstly, the app was built using the incredibly powerful Django Framework. That means it runs smoothly, links load super fast, and everything should be as stable as a nobel element. I'm a chemistry nerd if you couldn't tell. It was built by me, Scott Katzelnick while attending The Tech Academy as a full time Software Development student. I put a lot of work into this one and hope you really like it!

Any who, from the home page you can link directly to here, of course, or your library, where you can add games from your personal collection, then update them, delete them, stare at them, what's not fun to do when it comes to video games, am I right!? Back from the home page you can also link directly to the news page, where you'll get all the latest and gretest in video game news, development and happenings in general. There's lots of content there. You also have the option to search for any video game. Your search will query against 421,839 games and growing! That's right, over 400,000 games to search for. Don't ever say you have too much time on your hands again! You'll find info on the games, images, some even have video clips, but the coolest part is you can search for similar games just by clicking a button. The app will do all the work and find games that match the one you originally looked up. It's a great way to find new titles to play and explore, or just to see what's out there. It really is an expansive library so your choices seem limitless. If you find a game you really like you even have the option of adding it to your personal library, automatically, so whether you buy the game, just want to add it as a wish list item, or just think it would be cool to reference in the future, you have that option.

With that said, enjoy the VideoGames App and happy gaming!